Oct 2011

harvard foosball table electronic parts

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Oct 2011

tornado coin op foosball table craigslist

If the ball goes to the wall a third time, it must be advanced in the motion of a pass or shot. Defensive trap if an opponent's pass or shot is stopped by trapping it against the side wall, that does not count as one of the two times allowed to touch the wall by the player who made the trap and is now in possession of the ball on his five man rod. Once the ball has touched the wall, it will not be counted as hitting the wall again until the ball has rolled off the side strip if present on the table. Passing from the two man and goalie rods rule 21. 1 also applies to a pass from the two man or goalie rod to the same team's five man rod. However, once a ball is forwarded from either the two man or the goalie rods, if it should strike an opposing team's player figures, that ball is no longer considered a pass but a live ball that may be legally caught by any player. Rule 21. 2a also applies here for a stopped shot from the two man touched by the five man. It is legal to have just one hand on the rods when playing defensive example: right hand on defensive five man. It is also legal to use two hands to move a rod example: defensive five man. Penalty for an illegal pass if a team violates the above rule of passing, the opposing team has the option of continuing play from the current position or re serving the ball.

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