Oct 2011

foosball table players hurt

Ive watched a homeless man go from homeless to self made millionaire. If we stick to it and never give up we can accomplish great things. I don't care about the millions of dollars being made. I want to expand the resort business in the future and start building new resorts in different areasFeel free to email me at guys,ur story is really inspiration. i was many times look dwn by my frens and so on up until now still. i wanted to prove them wrong but end of the day,i believe there is nutin to prove but only to myself.

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Oct 2011

foosball table replacement balls

garlando foosball table for saleLegs with a threaded screw section that can be raised or lowered by twisting are the most common table leveling system on the market. However, there are other options, such as telescoping legs and even stacking shims and blocks of wood under the legs. The threaded system seems to be the easiest to use and most sturdy option available. You would be forgiven for thinking the concept of a “human foosball table” was a logical impossibility. After all, who has the time to train dozens of people to do simultaneous backflips?But Minnesota’s Brownton Area Resource for Kids was able to make the dream of a human foosball table a reality, all by paring the concept of foosball down to its most basic elements – and then blowing it up to an adult size. As documented in a popular Facebook video, the Brownton version of foosball involves a side of seven players each: one goalie, three defenders and three attackers. The players all stand in a small wooden enclosure, holding onto a series of rotating poles while they try to shoot a soccer ball through the goal. As BARK founder Mark Cacka told HLN, the game was built to give the town’s kids something to do after its school closed down. Brownton’s children now travel to a neighboring town for their education. “I want stuff for our kids to stay in town,” Cacka told the network. See the full video of the table in action below.

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