Oct 2011

foosball table ball bearings

Nike pays top athletes in many sports to use and promote their products and designs. Nike has signed multi million dollar deals with athletes like Rory McIlroy and LeBron James. Parker has been labeled as “The World’s Most Creative CEO” and says that, “Nike’s culture is perfectly suited for the new, unpredictable age of business” Safian, 2012. Parker has also said that, “The last thing we want is to be a big dumb company that feels we can put a swoosh on something and people will buy that” Safian, 2012. Nike is known to be a company that is constantly adapting to an ever changing market and customer base. The company actually receives much of their inspiration from their athlete focused customers. Parker has discussed how athletes are always progressing and striving to improve their performance. The same idea can be said about how Nike acts as a company. The aspect of Nike that is going to be analyzed is their organizational culture. Nike’s organizational culture includes how the company is organized, how their employees behave, and what influences affect the employee’s success. Thanks to Parker, Nike is a company that is able to constantly adapt their structure in a growing and shifting market.

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Oct 2011

football table games 56

GoodMedium3. 8 / 5EastPoint Sports Newcastle Foosball TableOfficial competition sized 54” foosball game table with long compound coating for wear and tear,steel player rods with robo style players, high quality rod bushings and oversized leg levelers with bead style scoringVery goodLow4. 0 / 5Imperial Butcher Block Foosball TableLight butcher block finish 14" body with MDF side walls and playfield, large rubber grips with solid double chromed rods, requires 2 hours assembly timeGoodMedium3. 0 / 5Best Value: Hathaway Hurricane 54" 3/16 in thick mdf cabinet, sturdy legs for great table balance, 3 goalie configurationVery goodLow4. 75 / 5Best Choice Products 48″ Foosball Table Durable and appealing design, dual cup holders, smooth playing surface and great user reviews. ExcellentLow4. 75 / 5Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball TableUnique rod guard system for the safe play, perfect for rec and break rooms, only table recognized by the ITSF and USTSF, easy to assembleVery goodMedium4. 3 / 5Leonhart is a German company that manufactures professional grade foosball tables. For more than 50 years, they have been making foosball tables that are widely used both in homes and tournaments. They are one of the partners of the International Table Soccer Federation ITSF because of their tables’ precision and performance. Offering a wide selection, their products are made to please foosball players of different skills whether beginner or expert.

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